LEAP participants bring a variety of experience across the Private, Social and Public Sectors and Social Enterprise. The opportunity to harness, disrupt and spark new conversations about emerging professional pathways is one of the many promises of LEAP.


Key questions examined through
a pluralism of lenses

As a point of departure for LEAP, participants are invited to address the following three questions as they relate to the emergent pathways for professional design careers at the intersection of social innovation:


WHAT is design for social innovation?

What are the key practices and drivers for designers doing this work? What are the current professional opportunities available? What are other opportunities that we would like to develop and evolve?


How does it manifest?
Vital Hypotheses

What are central values, principles, and tools that drive or stifle new modes of professional engagement? What are the barriers and limitations to the current and prospective opportunities?


Why it matters? Implications.

What actions can we take to foster these professional opportunities? What do we need to do to reach potential employers? How can we enhance the preparation design students receive to access these opportunities? How do we articulate better the “return on design” (ROD)?