Elizabeth Gin
Art Center College of Design

Elizabeth Monachello Gin recently received her MFA from the Media Design Practices / Field program at Art Center College of Design; her thesis entitled ICT4[n] developed from re-arranging Internet Cafes and prototyping SMS applications in Kampala, Uganda. Through the creation of the Bugolobi Market Mailing List, ICT4[n] explores the opportunities that arise when the design of technology begins from the ambitions, priorities, and daily context of Ugandan women. Her work has been supported by Intel Labs’ Interaction and Experience Research Group and UNICEF’s Tech Innovation Unit, and will be presented at the Design Principles and Practices 2014 Conference in Vancouver. Prior to pursuing her MFA, Elizabeth Gin designed print publications focused on story-telling for DC Central Kitchen and developed touch-screen kiosk applications for the Economic Research Service in Washington, DC.