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Gaby Brink
Tomorrow Partners

Gaby Brink is the founder and chief designer of Tomorrow Partners where she works with a wide spectrum of top global marketers, foundations, NGOs and emerging companies to build brands, develop big ideas and realize practical solutions that foster sustainable growth in business and culture.

She co-authored The Living Principles for Design, the first integrated framework to provide a systems approach to environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability for designers of all disciplines. Through her leadership, she fosters dialogue and collaboration amongst the global design community to co-create tools and best practices for design as a catalyst for positive cultural change.

Gaby served for eight years on the Board of Directors of AIGA and most recently joined the SFMOMA Architecture + Design Accessions Committee where she helps the museum evaluate and prioritize its design and architecture acquisitions.

Gaby is also the founder and CEO of Sparkwise, a cloud-based dashboard tool for measuring and evaluating the impact of civic engagement, public media, business, and social change initiatives.