Geoff Brewerton
Art Center College of Design

Geoffrey Brewerton is a student at Art Center College of Design, completing a BA in Graphic Design. He previously graduated from Emmanuel College with a BA in International Relations. Geoff recently returned from a Fellowship at Proximity Designs in Myanmar (Burma) to research ways that media and design can benefit and support the country’s low-income farmers and rural families, a unique challenge for communities without access to electricity, running water, or mechanized transportation. During this time he worked on developing proposals for Myanmar’s first mobile phone app for sustainable farming practices, such as how to avoid using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, how to identify pests and crop diseases / what to do about them, and fertilization time-lines. During the Fellowship, Geoffrey also conducted workshops on creative typography for Burmese graphic designers, and continued research on other topics such as Burmese font design and Myanmar printing methods. During his time at Art Center, Geoff has branched outside of the Graphic Design department to explore other areas such as illustration, photography, and fine art, and plans to graduate this December.