Leonardo Bravo
Big City Forum/The Music Center

Leonardo Bravo is an artist, curator, and educator and the Founder of Big City Forum. Big City Forum is an interdisciplinary project designed to explore the intersection between design-based creative disciplines (Design, Architecture, Urban Planning, etc) that take into account public space and the built environment. Big City Forum facilitates the exchange of ideas through gatherings, symposiums, exhibitions, and special events that promote forward-thinking projects and the individuals at the forefront of this vision. Since 2009 Big City Forum has been actively involved in the LA creative community hosting talks and panels at various sites across the city. Over the last year BCF has been in-residence at both the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena and the Woodbury School of Architecture’s WUHO project space, developing exhibition-based projects that encourage a cross-disciplinary approach to issues around social and urban change.