Renna Al-Yassini
Adaptive Path

Renna Al-Yassini, project lead at Adaptive Path; senior strategist, service designer and design researcher.

Renna leads initiatives to create new products and services for a wide range of clients, guiding them through the entire arc of the project and systems-thinking processes, while fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders.

Renna came to design having been raised in the social justice world, working as a communication strategist for nonprofits, government projects and social justice initiatives. She has worked across diverse content areas, collaborating with teenagers in East Oakland working to open up a state-of-the-art youth center, to bank executives working to establish a new business entity. She remains committed to helping designers wishing to work in the social impact space to do so responsibly, effectively, and critically.

Renna is the co-founder and senior advisor of the Roudha Center, recognized as one of Businessweek’s “Twenty-One People Who Will Change Business,” Founder of : by Design, a strategic initiative of AIGA Design for Good, and a regular AIGA Design for Good facilitator.