Richard Tyson
The MakerBot Foundation

Richards brings to the MakerBot Foundation 20 years of experience working with diverse teams and executives to cultivate new opportunities from disruptive social, economic, and technological change. He has built his career advising public and private enterprises on adaptive capacities—learning, innovation, and social engagement—that foster growth and resilience.

Richard was most recently a principal for design strategy and planning at Caerus Associates focusing on conflict-affected cities and regions. Before joining Caerus, he was founder and principal of Helsinki Group and before that, an associate partner at Monitor/Doblin, where he helped Fortune 500 companies develop organizational models for R&D and innovation. He serves on the Advisory Board of UN OCHA’s Data Analysis Project, developing trusted, reliable, scalable data services about humanitarian crises. Richard has worked with governments, NGOs, and enterprises around the world in the US, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.