Robert Ball
Art Center College of Design

Rob Ball is a Los Angeles based spatial experience designer and design educator. His interests in both collections based exhibits and branded environments have given him expertise in a wide variety of 3 dimensional projects over 30 years.

He believes that the spatial environment can be a powerful vehicle for delivering both content and market driven messages. The most effective way of communicating message is through a dynamic and compelling story. Creating a series of individual moments for pinpointing particular story messages can collectively make an enormous impact. And that experience has the potential for multi-sensory, multi-dimensional delivery methods drawing on architecture, product, graphics, media, lighting, interactivity, and set design.

In the past few years he has also help champion a program of a real world, real project studio, abroad in Berlin, Germany. 15 students move to Berlin for the term, engaging the city as a ‘test lab’, evaluating it from the outside in / inside out. This immersive, collaborative approach challenges traditional classroom norms where students have acted not only as problem solvers but opportunity seekers for the local city government, private foundations and global corporations.

Rob is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Environmental / Industrial Design as well as the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Fine Arts.